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The Oregon Trail

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DescriptionWestward, Ho! We're headin' for Oregon!
Embark on Gameloft's refreshing revisit of the classic game you used to play and love.

Your favorite pioneering adventure game is back and takes you to an exciting, historical side-scrolling adventure entirely rethought to fit the touch experience.

- All of the decision-making and problem-solving fun of the original game, plus additional parameters to take the Oregon Trail experience even further than you've played before.

- 8 skill-based mini-games, including 2 accelerometer-based challenges: hunting, fishing, river crossing, rafting, wagon repairing, telegraph, berry picking, and gold panning.

- Random events (disease, bandits, hitchhikers, etc.) faced by real pioneers increase the challenge.

- Side-missions add more excitement to your journey, affecting your westward trek.

- Prepare for your departure: Select the members of your party, choose your departure date and purchase supplies.

Follow the trail on Twitter to get more information at http://twitter.com/TheOregonTrail

*Tested on Pre, Pre2. ** Curator's Note: Works on Pre3 and TouchPad too!
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