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Description»» Added Exhibition Mode.

Multi Pane is a windowpane view of your current wallpaper. Run it and leave it open to keep a (nearly) clear view of your beautiful background wallpaper without needing to constantly dismiss all your cards. If you are a heavy multitasker, autostart multiple panes and spread them out. Customize the main screen with the current day of the week, date and/or time or customize the dashboard with a clock view if you’d like to see the current time down to the second.

Customized for seamless wallpaper matching for all TouchPad, Veer, Pre (including Pre2 & Pre3), and Pixi models.

• If you want multiple panes (up to a maximum of 9), use the "Create New Card" menu command.
• If you want to close all panes quickly, use the "Close All Cards" menu command.
• Tap on the main screen to quickly switch between No Notifications mode and With Notifications mode.
• If you constantly dismiss all of your dashboard notifications and generally leave the notification bar empty (for the extra screen space), then use No Notifications mode.
• If you tend to leave notifications in the dashboard, then use With Notifications mode. In this mode, you can also activate the automatic dashboard notification, so you dismiss other notifications without affecting the display of the main Multi Pane card.

Use Preferences to adjust the startup default mode (No Notifications or With Notifications) and whether to force a Dashboard notification in the With Notifications mode. If you choose to force the Dashboard notification, you’ll also be able to choose between using the dashboard for a digital clock that shows the date and the time down to the second or a simple display of just the program name. You can also set options for the main/card view to show the date and/or the time in white or black.

We welcome any & all feedback at multipane@appsotutely.com and would love to hear suggestions for any additional features that you’d like to see.
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