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Application IDcom.appsotutely.panefree
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AuthorAppsotutely Inc
DescriptionPane Free is a windowpane view of your current wallpaper. Run it and leave it open to keep a (nearly) clear view of your beautiful background wallpaper without needing to constantly dismiss all your cards.

Customized for seamless wallpaper matching for all Veer, Pre, and Pixi models.

• Tap on the main screen to switch between No Notifications and With Notifications mode.

Use Preferences to control how and when Pane Free will try to match the wallpaper:
• If you keep a static wallpaper, use Manual mode.
• If you use an automatic wallpaper switching app (like Slide RSS), use Card View or Card/App View mode to automatically match to the changing wallpaper.

You can also set Preferences to adjust the startup default mode (No Notifications or With Notifications), whether to force a Dashboard notification in the With Notifications mode, and to make manual adjustments.

We welcome any & all feedback at panefree@appsotutely.com
Available in: English
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