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Pocket's Pets Album Free

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Application IDcom.virtuestudio.pocketpetsalbumfree
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AuthorVirtue Studio
DescriptionEnjoy the pictures of your favorite pet directly from your Palm. Instructions: To load or edit an image at the album cover, just hold your finger a few seconds over it. Single tap goes into the album. At the opened album, same logic, but single tap makes the image go to fullscreen. If you are on the last image of the album (e.g 2/2) the "next" button will create a new image place. You can give title and description to your images, just click and type whatever you want. Settings is accessible from the appMenu (top left). You can set up your pet birth's date, enable/disable the sounds, and choose between 4 different themes or customize with your own picture. OBS: To avoid lag, try to use small or medium image sizes. send sugestions to contact@virtuestudio.com
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