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Flickr Mundo HD

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Application IDcom.chofter.flickrmundo
Share Linkhttps://appcatalog.webosarchive.com/app/FlickrMundoHD
DescriptionFlickr Mundo HD is a fully featured app that makes using Flickr a pleasure. Some of the many features include
- Photo upload & download
- Automatic wallpaper download and rotation
- Exhibition mode to show pictures using your HP TouchStone
- Bulk photo editing (e.g. select 10 photos to add to a set, add tags to etc)
- Slideshows with or without a backing audio playlist
- Adding comments to photos or sets
- Viewing Interesting photos
- Keeping up with the latest activity on your account
- Integrated 'Just Type' search support
- Location based search
- Add/remove favorites

and much much more.

Check out the video for an introduction to just some of these features.

For support, contact me on Twitter @chofter, on Facebook at http://facebook.com/chofter, or use the Help option in the top left menu.

Don't forget to check out the useful Tips in the top left menu, including many video tutorials.

v1.7.0 fixes the upload dialog on the Touchpad to show the keyboard
Version Notev1.7.0 fixes the upload dialog on the Touchpad to show the keyboard
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Home Pagehttp://facebook.com/chofter
Support URLhttp://facebook.com/chofter
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CopyrightCopyright 2010 Shane O'Sullivan