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AuthorAppsotutely Inc
DescriptionFixed: Photo Downloading bugfixes
Changed: Main app scene backgrounds

Sliderss provides you with a slideshow of photos, sourced from any number of Media RSS feeds.
»» Added: Local Photos for webOS 2.0+ users
»» Added: Exhibition Mode for webOS 2.1+ users

• Add any Media RSS feed or add the default samples from Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket, FoxSaver & others.
• Tap & drag to reorder your feeds or swipe to delete any feed.
• Watch any feed as a standalone slideshow or watch any combination of feeds.
• Quickly and easily set a playlist of your favorite photos.
• Randomize with a quick shake.
• Flick left to go backward or flick right to go forward in the slideshow.
• Flick up to hide the current photo from the slideshow.

Tap to pause the slideshow and enter Pan & Zoom mode:
• Double-tap or pinch/unpinch to zoom into the current photo.

Access the submenu for additional features:
• Hide, to remove the current photo from the slideshow playlist.
• Save, to keep the current photo from being deleted.
• Pick any JPG or PNG photo to use as your Wallpaper - you can Center it, Zoom it, Stretch it, or Crop it any way you like.
• Send an email with any photo and include info about the photo and the RSS feed.
• Send an MMS with any JPG photo and include info about the RSS feed.
• Go directly to any photo.

Additional features:
• Autorotate your wallpaper. Pick a feed or set a playlist of your favorites.
• Autoload the last running slideshow. Just end the program while in that slideshow.
• Auto Update your feeds on a schedule.
• Adjust the type of transition, the amount of time between the photos, and the order of the photos.
• Add titles for the photo or the feed, and choose how the photos are displayed (centered, zoomed, or stretched).

» We welcome any & all feedback at support@sliderss.com «
Available in: English
»» This app only handles Media RSS feeds which are typically found on photosharing/screensaver type websites! ««
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