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AuthorChris Gunn
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A depth of field calculator can help photographers to figure out how much of their picture will be in focus.

Depth of Field is a measure of how far in front or behind the focus point an object can be and still be in focus in an image.

Depth of Field is determined by:
- camera sensor size
- lens focal length
- lens aperture
- subject distance

If the focus distance is set to the hyperfocal distance, the image will have the largest depth of field possible for that sensor, focal length and aperture.

For example, a landscape photographer may want to have the entire scene in focus, so they would choose to focus at the hyperfocal distance so that everything from the close foreground to the distant horizon would appear in sharp focus in the final image.

On the other hand, a portrait photographer may want to use a very shallow depth of field so that distracting elements in the background will be blurred out of focus and not detract attention from the subject of the portrait.

- 1.2.0 adds many new calculations (Field of View, Angle of View, & Magnification). It also displays the sensor width, height & CoC values used in the calculations. Field of View calculation results show how large of an area the picture will cover at the focus distance.
- 1.2.1 fixes a bug with the 2x DSLR
- 1.2.2 adds 43mm & 77mm lens choices
- 1.2.3 allows selecting focus distance greater than hyperfocal distance
- 1.2.4 adds more new cameras and fixes numLock issue in webOS 2.x
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