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Application IDcom.movingstillness.smbrowse
Share Linkhttps://appcatalog.webosarchive.com/app/smBrowse
AuthorMoving Stillness
DescriptionsmBrowse is a free app that lets SmugMug users show off their photos to their friends and/or clients on their Palm webOS phones. Use the flick gesture to move through your photos. Optionally login to your SmugMug account to show off your private galleries.

If you are not a SmugMug customer, this app is not meant for you! When the app loads, you will be asked for your SmugMug user name. If you don't have a SmugMug account, you will not be able to create one with this app.
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Home Pagehttp://www.movestill.com/
Support URLhttp://www.movestill.com/Electronics/smBrowse
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