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Time Lapse Camera

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Application IDcom.thirdwishsoftware.timelapsemaker
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AuthorThird Wish Software
DescriptionCreate stunning time lapse sequences with your Pre, Pre2, Veer or Pixi smartphone or your TouchPad tablet! Time Lapse Camera makes it easy to shoot pictures at configurable time intervals, then these pictures can be assembled into a movie on your computer.

For webOS 2.x phones and TouchPads you can shoot as fast as about a picture per second. For webOS 1.x phones the shortest interval is about 7.5 seconds.

Note to TouchPad users: this app requires webOS 3.0.2, so make sure you upgrade your device. Also note that while the app runs in reduced screen mode, the pictures that are captured are in full resolution.

See our website for more information and example time lapse movies.
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Home Pagehttp://thirdwishsoftware.com/timelapse
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