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Application IDcom.autoprint.cardsender
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Authorautoprint GmbH
Description-- webOS 2.0 compatible - important background update
"Cardsender" sends real postcards. Now you can send REAL POSTCARDS directly from your Phone! This Palm Pre/Pixi application allows you to design real postcards using your own photos. The cards are printed, stamped and sent to the address you write on the back of the card by post. Sending postcards has never been so easy! Take a picture with the built-in camera, fill out the address, enter a message, hit "send" – your personal postcard is ready! The App "Cardsender" sends the card to a printer. A high gloss postcard is printed, stamped and put in the post bag. Say goodbye to boring standard postcards, bothersome stamp buying and searching for post boxes. You can now send spontaneous individual postcards at any time, regardless of where you are in the world. "Cardsender" is a service provided by autoprint GmbH, a specialist in individual printing products from Cologne, Germany. The postcards ordered via this App are printed and stamped in the United States. US Postal Service is responsible for the postal delivery. A postcard within the US costs USD1.89 (including printing and postage costs) and USD2.49 for a card sent abroad. Online help can be found on www.kartensender.de. If you spot an error, or for feedback, questions and suggestions, please email us at service@kartensender.de. We will do our best to reply as quick as possible.
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