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Slideshow Presentation HD

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Application IDcom.chrisvanhooser.slideshowpresentationhd
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AuthorApps by Chris
DescriptionCreate stunning and custom slideshows and photo projects that you can set to music. Turns your TouchPad into a beautiful digital photo frame!
Update includes Pinch-zooming on pics!
Features include:
* Cinematic mode adds panning of pictures (8 different modes!)
* Set a show up to change pics on a timed duration, on song change, manually, or each picture can have its own duration.
* Saves and can restart from the last position of ordered projects.
* You can have as many different projects as you want!
* Handles 1000s of pictures without a problem!
* Sorting by File name, path, or both. You can also have a custom order, or have it random
* Captions: Per-picture, Global, EXIF info, Date & Time, File Name / Path / Both, Song Name
* You can set the captions to display in any color, and place it on the top or bottom of the pic.
* 32 different transitions, with 5 speeds for each.
* Stretch or Maintain aspect ratio (can set per-pic as well)
* Rotate picture in 90degree increments!
* Live Preview of images in edit mode!
* Show duration (play once, repeat, end with music)
* Plays in landscape or portrait
* Add media by folder (can include subfolders and hidden files), or add 1 by 1
* Swipe to advance or go back while show is running
* Pinch to zoom in on pictures!
* Exhibition compatible
* Quick and easy to setup!
You can change just about any setting you want, and show off your photos to your friends in style!
Version NotePinch-zoom
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Home Pagehttp://chrishptouchpadapps.tumblr.com/
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