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Application IDcom.lexi.lexicomp
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AuthorLexi-Comp, Inc.
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Lexi-Comp’s award winning medical software now on your webOS phone! Keep updated with Lexi-Comp's trusted clinical knowledge, now at the touch of a button! This application includes 30-days of access to all databases Lexi-Comp offers for HP webOS. Plus hundreds of images, charts and tables, so you're never stuck without answers again! Install any of Lexi-Comp's 30 dental or pharmacotherapy databases and access the most comprehensive medical software available for your phone! After 30 days, you may obtain continued access to any of the individual databases or package options Lexi-Comp offers for HP webOS by visiting www.lexi.com/pda/palm-webos
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Home Pagehttp://www.lexi.com/individuals/support/
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