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Pedometer Plus+

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Application IDcom.spm.app.pedometer
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AuthorMadhan Premkumar
DescriptionDid your doctor suggested to walk at least 10,000 steps (5 miles/8 km) every day and do you want a smart way to track your walking OR any other outdoor training activities like jogging, running or cycling then you are looking the right app. PEDOMTER PLUS+ is a 4-in-1 app for tracking these fitness activities. This app sets your personal weight to gain a better understanding of how many calories you have burnt* while also showing your current activity, time, distance, speed, direction and pace. --------------------------- Walking can be tracked either by GPS or your foot steps(good for indoor) and other activities can only tracked by GPS. --------------------------- GPS: Walking is set as default. Tracking can be paused anytime. Both of these can be changed under Preferences. After max pause time the GPS is turned off automatically to save battery. Tracking by GPS will work even when the screen is turned off or app minimized. --------------------------- NOTE: TO TRACK WALKING BY FOOT STEPS YOU NEED TO PUT THE PHONE IN PHONE CASE/HOLSTER AND CLIP IN FRONT OF YOUR BELT JUST LIKE A REGULAR PEDOMETER. TRACKING THIS WAY WILL STOP WORKING WHEN THE SCREEN IS LOCKED OR APP MINIMIZED(Currently the device shuts off the motion sensor when it is locked or screen turned off. I will update when Palm changes that. Please do not give less ratings based on this as I do not have control at this time). Preference and results are automatically saved. You can continue from where you left or clear to start again. --------------------------- WARNING:Do not use the phone or keep in hand while you are driving or biking as this may lead to accident and this app or the developer or the company is not responsible for any such events.
Version NoteVersion 1.5.3: Stride unit is changed to 'Feet & Inches' for each understanding (Old settings will be automatically converted but please check once to make sure all your settings are correct). Packaged the app for legacy device (palm pre, pixi etc running on 1.x) which was missed in previous version 1.5.2.
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