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Master Cleanse

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DescriptionEat what you want this Holiday Season and start the New year with the same Master Cleanse program used by Beyonce, Jay Leno, David Blaine and Robin Quivers from the Howard Stern Show. The Master Cleanse will help you boost energy levels, lose weight, increase mental clarity, increase focus and break unhealthy food habits in as little as 10 days! The Master Cleanse is simple and effective. It's as easy as drinking delicious home-made lemonade consisting of lemon juice, grade B maple syrup and cayenne pepper. Each ingredient used is specifically designed to aid in... - Detoxifing the liver - Neutralize cancer-causing free-radicals - Increasing blood circulation - Soothing the digestive tract - Raising metabolism - Strengthening the immune system - Preventing the growth of infectious microoganisms - Stimulating the colon - Removing intestinal plaque build-up - Eliminating harmful bacteria - The Master Cleanse application is a radical, yet simple way for you to love your body. APP FEATURES:
Detailed List of Ingredients - Accurate Nutritional Facts & Benefits of Each Ingredient - Thorough Recipe Instructions to Easily Follow - Pre-cleanse Preparation Guide - Full Cleanse Instructions - Weight Tracker to measure weight loss - Progress Tracker to Measure Your Development - Guide for Coming off the Cleanse
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