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Track My Calories

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Application IDcom.sinnix.trackmycalories
Share Linkhttps://appcatalog.webosarchive.com/app/TrackMyCalories
DescriptionTrackMyCalories is a simple calories tracking program.

- It allows you to keep track on the meals and its calories you're eating during the day.
- It creates a history of every entry you made.
- It provides a list a of several meals you can use or you can simply add the calories directly.
- It's also possible to edit this meal list, create new entries or delete old ones.
Version NoteApp now also available for 1.4.5
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Home Pagehttp://trackmycal.sourceforge.net/
Support URLhttp://sourceforge.net/projects/trackmycal/
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CopyrightCopyright 2011 Florian Miess