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eatSmart V2.0

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Application IDcom.websitefundi.eatsmart
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DescriptionLove being healthy? Looking to lose weight? DIY dieter? Recipe maker? Eat out often? Looking for healthy options in Fast Food, Supermarkets or Fine Dining restaurants? Eat this not that researcher?
eatSmart is a simple and easy to use food nutrition search engine app with additional functionality to support a users healthy eating lifestyle.
Calculate your BMI/BMR, preset your daily nutritional goals, compare visually actual consumption against your set goals, comprehensive food journal, create custom meals, favorite items, quick access to most recently eaten items and most frequently eaten items.
Version Notebug fixes causing wrong dates when saving food items, various enhancements for easier navigation. Selected date synchronized across entire app!
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Home Pagehttp://eatsmart.mobi
Support URLhttp://eatsmart.mobi/faqs.html
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