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DescriptionIf you post your feedback and send an email to ceflash@gmail.com, I will give you the promo code to get the commercial version which includes more features. SpeedTracker is now including the current speed, MAX speed, AVG speed, your mileage and time cost.
Get your location and show it in Google Map. (network required)
Running, Biking or Driving, you choose.\n\r
Here is the FREE trial.
If you like it, please let me know your idea and improve it.
If you don't, please write down your complaint.

Update 2011/04/11
1. bug fix and update LOGO

Update 2011/03/26
1. Add Preferences panel, you can choose MPH or KPH now

Q & A
1. Support heading?
When the devices have Digital compass, I will add this feature.

Thank you for all your feedback.
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