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Pink Pad (Period Calendar)

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Application IDcom.alt12.pinkpad
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AuthorAlt12 Apps, Inc
DescriptionPink Pad is a female calendar that enables you to track your menstrual cycles, help you monitor your bodily and emotional changes, and plan/prevent pregnancy. Enter your past periods and Pink Pad will predict future ones, as well as ovulation and fertile days, or your due date if you are pregnant. Track weight, basal body temperature, mood, cramps, spotting, amorousness, and other notes. View graphs of your weight or body temperature against time. Pink Pad offers extensive customization options, including multiple home screen themes, ability to override cycle or period length, and app password protection. You can even sync the Pink Pad calendar with your Palm calendar. UPDATE 1.1: fixed cal sync and pregnancy checkbox. UPDATE 1.2: Spanish support & fix for cycle averages. UPDATE 1.2.1: Fix for fertile days on profile screen
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