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Track My Weight

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Application IDcom.dragonrider.trackmyweight
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AuthorDragon Rider
Have a desire to know what your weight is doing over time? Want to know if you are heading toward your goal weight?

Track My Weight is an application aimed at helping you do that! Featuring quick and easy entry along with log & graph views to see the change over time, Track My Weight gives you just what you need to follow your weight over time. In addition, you can set a weight goal and track the progress.

Track my Weight can be unit agnostic. That is, you have the option of not using a unit of measure at all, however, to access the new BMI function you will need to choose a weight unit (kg or lb at this point).

*Simple, quick weight daily weight entry!
*Scrollable log view of all entries
*Graph view with multiple ranges to see your progress over time.
*Ability to set a goal and track your progress!
*Ability to add a note to your weight entry

Planned updates include:
* Additional import/export methods

Note: Track My Weight contains an ad on the main screen. There have been ads included since it's initial release. The application does not 'Phone Home' in any way other than to call the ad service.

Comments, questions and/or ideas for a new feature? Please send an email to the support link and let us know!

Developers cannot interact through the comments section. I appreciate your comments but if you have questions & requests please *also* email so I can help! Especially if you have found something amiss. I'd very much like to make sure Track My Weight operates to your satisfaction.

Track My Weight Plus has been released to the App Catalog. The Plus version is ad-free and over time will receive new functions unavailable in the ad-supported version.

* FEATURE: added note field to entry screen
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