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Application IDcom.rustyapps.jogstats
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AuthorRusty Apps
DescriptionNew Low Price! Support available in: English. JogStats is a full-featured GPS-based exercise tracker. Use your phones GPS to track you while jogging and analyze the stats when you are finished. Stats recorded include time, distance, speed, pace, calories and altitude, in US or Metric units. All past sessions are saved in a database for later review. Session types of Jogging, Walking, Running Hiking and Biking can be selected and you can share your stats via Twitter. GPX files can be exported to the file system and emailed as an attachment to yourself for upload to popular mapping sites such as MapMyRun.com, MapMyRide.com and MapMyHike.com. GPX files can also be mapped on your phone with our free GPX Mapper app, available as a separate download. Note: A clear sky view (for good GPS accuracy) is required to use JogStats.
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