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DescriptionHave you ever been frustrated by an inability to communicate? It can come in many forms, but one of the most difficult is the helplessness of being unable to express even basic needs. Being unable to talk, and too ill to write or type, leaves a person with few options. And it is painful for the person who wants to understand and help, but cannot interpret facial expressions or hand motions. We say this from first-hand experience that has demonstrated repeatedly the frustration of unclear communication.
Say This! is designed to improve communication in situations such as these. Say This! comes pre-loaded with word lists covering Basic Needs, Directions, Questions/Answers and Comfort, any or all of which can be modified to match the situation. You can also generate new lists with exactly the words you want to use. The words appear as large colored buttons that speak the word when tapped. You can change the size and color of the buttons and text.
Not only a method for answering questions, Say This! lets the user initiate conversation, actively asking questions or expressing needs rather than just hoping someone will ask the right question and will understand the answer given. Say This! was designed to aid someone hospitalized and temporarily unable to talk, but the customized word lists let you quickly adapt to an individual and to a specific situation, even for just one conversation.
We offer this free, no-ad app with the hope of making stressful, frustrating situations easier for patients and the family, friends, and medical personnel caring for them. This app was inspired by our own needs and made possible by HP’s sample text-to-speech plug-in released with the first App Hack Challenge. Depending upon user feedback & interest, we may expand the app to include pictures or other suggested features.

Version 1.1.00 includes several updates and requested enhancements, including: multiple voices, large letter pad, automatically sized text and much more!
Version NoteVersion 1.1.00 includes several updates and requested enhancements, including: multiple voices, large letter pad, automatically sized text, an alert/help button, side borders for a larger gripping area, and full screen mode for the button screens. Be sure to check the preferences settings: there are lots of ways to customize how the app works, and there’s now pop-up help for every option.
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