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Zen Garden

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AuthorLunchtime Studios, LLC
Description*** HALF OFF for the Holidays! ***

Lunchtime Studios, well known for its relaxation apps, produces another masterpiece in Zen Garden.

Take a pause from the hectic, heavy stream of every day life and relax with the original music from one of the best game composers in the industry. Zen Garden lets you trace through the sand with your fingers, place stones, or slowly pull a rake to ease a troubled mind.

Reveal what's troubling you through your subconscious.
Close your eyes, focus on the music, and trace your fingers through the sand. Now open your eyes and see what your mind is telling you.

- Staff to trace through the sand
- Stones for placement or pickup
- Rake for pulling through the sand
- Original music from a well known composer
- Instructions for calming down using the sand
* Relaxes you
* Use as a method of subconscious communication

Lunchtime Studios: Game technology for the real world.


Thank you so much for the great feedback! Popularity of this app drives the new content additions. We will continue to add content and make this the best Zen Garden app in the tablet world!

We really appreciate your support! =)
Lunchtime Studios, LLC
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