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Museum ID1000505
Application IDcom.aventer.webdavclientlite
AuthorJon Wise, avEnter UG (haftungsbeschraenkt)
DescriptionRevisionist History Note: I've taken over development of this app -- the original author, avEnter UG, cannot be contacted, and credit goes to that person for a good start, but it looks like they abandonded the project before completing the planned features -- lots of things are commented out because they don't quite work. A lot of error conditions and edge cases weren't handled, leaving the app to hang unnecessarily when it could have worked if they'd just caught the error and moved on. If you have a compliant WebDAV server already, you may be able to use this update now -- I've tried to handle all the cases they missed, plus some new scenarios they probably weren't aware of 10 years on.

In particular, I'm resurrecting this app as a work-around for Cloud storage access. Most of the apps in the Museum are using dead APIs for the various Cloud storage providers, and resurrecting those apps with their new, modern authentication approaches, is just too much work to be worth it. This is part 2 of a work-around.

Part 1 is for you to run a tiny WebDAV server on a modern computer that DOES have access to your Cloud storage. Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox are all fine -- as long as those files appear in the file system of your computer, you can share them with your webOS device via WebDAV. I've documented some basic setup steps for 'Dave' a light-weight, cross-platform WebDAV server that is easy to get started with (see the Support URL below for the GitHub link that has the Readme.) Combine that server with this client app, and you can easily get Cloud files onto your device. Future versions will allow sending files the other way, so I'm calling this a Beta for now.
Version NoteYou have a WebDAV account like "Cloudsafe" or you use "DropDav"? Did you ever want to access those with your favorite mobile OS? With "WebDAV Navigator" it is possible now! Access your WebDAV service from everywhere with your Touchpad.


- Complete navigation on your WebDAV server
- Download files
- Open files
- Delete directories (recursive) or files

Coming soon:

- Create new directories
- Upload files

Please doesn't hesitate and send me feature requests therefore I can make this app better.

Proved Services:

- GMX MediaCenter
- Alice/O2 Smartdisk
- dropDav
- Apache WebDAV Module
- T-Mobile Cloud
- OwnCloud
- SabreDAV

Currently unsupported:
- Yandex

Change History:

Version 0.1.10
- resolve problems with hierarchical webdav server logins

Version 0.1.11
- Support for owncloud
- Support for SabreDAV
- change the configuration of a server

Version 0.1.13
- Bugfix with the using of different server ports

Version 0.2.0
- New Beta release for 2021 supporting the open-source Dave WebDav server
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Support URLhttps://github.com/codepoet80/webos-webdavclient
CopyrightCopyright 2011-2013 avEnter UG (haftungsbeschränkt)