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Time Crunch

Museum ID1005781
Application IDcom.jonandnic.timecrunch
AuthorJon Wise
DescriptionQuick workouts for busy people. Time Crunch is brand new app for 2021, and a delightful and quick way to help you stay healthy. This beta release includes the famous Scientific 7 Minute Workout, and has been tested on TouchPad, Pre2 and Pre 3 phones.
Version Note0.5.0 - Beta release
0.6.0 - Beta 2, improved sound and layout, add progress bar
0.7.0 - Beta 3, Improved timing on TouchPad, support for Veer
0.7.1 - Bug fixes, support for Pre and Pixi
1.0.0 - Out of beta! Fix some audio timings and other bugs.
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Device Support
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  • Pre2:
  • Veer:
  • Pre3:
  • TouchPad:
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