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Museum ID1005777
Application IDcom.palm.app.jonandnic.simplechat
AuthorJon Wise
DescriptionNew for 2021, webOS SimpleChat is a lightweight message board for the webOS community, hosted by webOS Archive -- or by you! More reliable than the Forums, with more history that IRC. Join the community in a new, and more dynamic way. Now supports all webOS devices, with native background sync and notifications.

The 1.0 release uses a different AppId than previous versions, in order to get access to more webOS capabilities. Unfortunately this means the old version will exist along-side the new one on your device. It is highly recommended that you delete the old version, and start fresh with this new branch.
Version Note0.1.1 - Initial public release, foreground updates only, but has a durable message log up to 100 messages so you won't miss anything while you're offline!
0.2.0 - Support for all devices, customizable alert sound, and a discrete send button.
0.3.0 - Improved scrolling, landscape support on TouchPad.
0.4.1 - Now with background sync! More scrolling improvements.
0.4.2 - Background lifecycle improvements to improve co-existence with One Night Stand
0.5.0 - Adds a context menu to copy message contents, or follow web links.
0.6.0 - Bug fixes for weblinks, improved clipboard access, improved input textbox, started work on edit feature.
0.6.1 - Prep for AppId change necessary for upcoming features.
1.0.0 - Major feature update: emoticons, likes, editable messages, better list management code!
1.0.1 - Now aware of Discord messages, more to come soon!
1.1.0 - Major update! Adds support for most emojis from Discord, changes timeout and background sync logic.
1.1.1 - Adds support for most emojis from Discord, changes timeout and background sync logic. Now with a much smaller emoji file!
1.1.2 - Adds ability to hide Command Menu buttons and disable Emojis. Emoji file is even smaller.
1.1.3 - Bug fixes and general maintenace
1.2.0 - Slightly improved background sync, image link handling
1.3.0 - Drastically improved background sync.
1.3.1 - Enter key submits message if Command Menu is hidden
1.3.2 - Required security update. Also adds more sync timing options.
1.4.0 - Enter key behavior as a Preference, more background improvements, other bug fixes.
1.4.1 - Adds support for basic markdown
1.5.0 - Added thumbails for Share Service links
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