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Application IDcom.palm.app.jonandnic.simplechat
Share Linkhttp://appcatalog.webosarchive.com/app/webOSSimpleChat
DescriptionNew for 2021, webOS SimpleChat is a lightweight message board for the webOS community, hosted by webOS Archive -- or by you! More reliable than the Forums, with more history that IRC. Join the community in a new, and more dynamic way. Now supports all webOS devices, with native background sync and notifications.

If you don't have your Pre or TouchPad handy, you can join the conversation on Discord http://www.webosarchive.com/discord
Version Note0.1.1 - Initial public release, foreground updates only, but has a durable message log up to 100 messages so you won't miss anything while you're offline!
0.2.0 - Support for all devices, customizable alert sound, and a discrete send button.
0.3.0 - Improved scrolling, landscape support on TouchPad.
0.4.1 - Now with background sync! More scrolling improvements.
0.4.2 - Background lifecycle improvements to improve co-existence with One Night Stand
0.5.0 - Adds a context menu to copy message contents, or follow web links.
0.6.0 - Bug fixes for weblinks, improved clipboard access, improved input textbox, started work on edit feature.
0.6.1 - Prep for AppId change necessary for upcoming features.
1.0.0 - Major feature update: emoticons, likes, editable messages, better list management code!
1.0.1 - Now aware of Discord messages, more to come soon!
1.1.0 - Major update! Adds support for most emojis from Discord, changes timeout and background sync logic.
1.1.1 - Adds support for most emojis from Discord, changes timeout and background sync logic. Now with a much smaller emoji file!
1.1.2 - Adds ability to hide Command Menu buttons and disable Emojis. Emoji file is even smaller.
1.1.3 - Bug fixes and general maintenace
1.2.0 - Slightly improved background sync, image link handling
1.3.0 - Drastically improved background sync.
1.3.1 - Enter key submits message if Command Menu is hidden
1.3.2 - Required security update. Also adds more sync timing options.
1.4.0 - Enter key behavior as a Preference, more background improvements, other bug fixes.
1.4.1 - Adds support for basic markdown
1.5.0 - Added thumbails for Share Service links
1.6.0 - Added support for Imgur albums so Nomad84 can share more pictures
1.6.1 - Bug fix release improving Imgur album support
1.6.5 - Bug fixes and updater improvements
1.7.0 - Discord images are now supported: tap the thumbnail to load full size, or elsewhere for a download option!
1.7.1 - Added activity indicator and the ability to disable media parsing features for improved performance on tiny devices.
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Home Pagehttp://www.webosarchive.com
Support URLhttp://www.webosarchive.com/docs/?community
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