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Night Moves

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Application IDcom.palm.webos.nightmoves
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DescriptionRevisionist History Note: This app is also in Preware, but I've been unable to download it there and attempts to update that repo get held up for months, so this is now the repository of record for Night Moves going forward.

Night Moves is a utility along the lines of f.lux or or Night Panel on other OSes -- save that it doesn't actually change color temperature, since there's no API for that in webOS. What it does instead is changes the screen brightness and volume (both System and Ringtone) on a schedule that you set.
Version Note0.0.1 - Experimental first release
0.1.5 - Added feature to disable data and notifications at night, and re-enable them in the morning.
1.0.0 - Timers are now absolute UTC time in most cases. Improved Touchpad re-launch scenario handling.
1.0.1 - All launch scenarios supported on Pre and TouchPad (lockscreen also works in most scenarios.)
1.0.2 - Fix a bug where Pre couldn't clean-up app. Add option for weekend delay on morning timer.
1.0.3 - Fix another launch bug on Pre where the app wouldn't re-close after alarm launch.
1.0.4 - Remove stage dependency for alarm launch, allowing silent alarm application on Pre.
1.0.5 - Add a toggle Bluetooth daily feature.
1.0.6 - Add strategies for handling problem apps that keep the screen on.
Device Support
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  • Veer:
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Home Pagehttps://github.com/codepoet80/webos-nightmoves
Support URLhttps://github.com/codepoet80/webos-nightmoves
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