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DescriptionClock Sync is the toolbox for all your clock and time keeping needs. It can sync your clock independently from Palms mechanism. It can monitor and report how accurate your device clock works. And the latest feature is a shifted offset. You can now choose to have your clock running minutes or hours ahead or below your time and still have the device synced! Clock Sync can sync periodically in the background and prevents your device from slowly drifting out of time. It is comparable with a NTP update service. Update 1.1: A history view and a monitoring mode is added. That allows you to review wether your syncs have been successful and how well your device keeps its time when it is not synced by Clock Sync. Update 1.2: Clock Sync does can now be configured to sync at fixed times (e.g. immediately before the alarm clock should go off) to ensure a maximum on correctness. Update 1.3: Cleaned up the interface. Implemented a switch to switch off the notifications and added the time shift feature.
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