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HC Liceo

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Application IDcom.juegamenia.liceo
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DescriptionOfficial APP Hockey Club Liceo.
The HC Liceo is one of the best roller hockey teams in the world. From this application you can access:
- Latest news in press, facebook and twitter.
- Next, view the rating and scorers.
- Current players.
Plus, you can add players to the favorites section. Players of the favorites section are not erased even they are no longer in the HC Liceo unless you want to delete. This way you can always keep the image and data of HC Liceo players who retire or go play another hockey team.
If you live near La Coruna could you're interested in becoming a subscriber. Then just fill out the form.
In the home there is a link so you can visit the club shop and another so you can access the club's history on wikipedia.
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Home Pagehttp://www.juegamenia.com
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