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phnx - a beautiful Twitter app

Museum ID9099
Application IDcom.davidstrack.phnx
AuthorDavid Strack
Descriptionphnx is a brand new Twitter experience for your webOS phone.

Swipe or tap between your timelines, view retweets, break away searches and lists into new cards & much more.

phnx has the following special features:
+ Interact with tweets, conversations, and compose messages without ever leaving your timeline
+ Auto-expand short URLs so you always know where you're going
+ See how many times any status has been retweeted!
+ See who is retweeting your statuses!
+ Optionally open any search, list, or retweet timeline into a new card
+ Two beautiful themes, with more on the way
+ Unique card icons to take multi-tasking to the next level
+ Much, much more.

Join in on the latest Twitter craze today! #phnxrising

Made with love in Wisconsin.
Version Note
DownloadDirect Link
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CopyrightCopyright 2011 David Strack