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Poster for Wordpress

Museum ID857
Application IDnet.nizzoli.poster
AuthorGabriele Nizzoli
DescriptionPoster - the application you need if you want to edit your posts, pages and comments on a Wordpress blog! [Version 1.6.4 update: bug fixes] With the support of both Wordpress.com and self-hosted Wordpress installations (version 2.9, 3.0 and 3.1) you can edit your posts and pages using a rich editor that preserves HTML formatting. The editor can also introduce HTML markups like boldface, italics and underlined text. Moreover, the editor supports adding links and uploading images to your blog. Comments can be fully managed: you can read, add, delete, edit, reply and moderate comments as needed. It is also possible to edit Tags, Categories and custom fields for posts. Modifications on any posts, be it an existing one on the blog or a new one, can be promptly persisted locally to avoid losing any data if you are out of coverage or simply if you are not ready to submit the changes to the blog. To save posts or pages locally just swipe back from the edit screen or close the application card! Whatever you saved locally on the device can be submitted to the blog at your earliest convenience. Poster allows you to subscribe to as many Wordpress blog you want. (NOTE: Poster uses the Wordpress API, to enable it, in the Wordpress Dashboard, go to Settings > Writing, enable XML-RPC check-box)
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CopyrightCopyright (c) 2009-2011 Gabriele Nizzoli