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Agile Messenger

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Application IDcom.agilemobile.agilemessenger
DescriptionAgile Messenger is the premium Palm Instant Messaging client, for professionals who need a mobile IM client that can be relied upon as a serious communication tool.

Agile Messenger meets this need, by providing a stable, reliable, feature rich and intuitive experience, with seamless access to MSN®, Yahoo!®, AIM®, ICQ®, GoogleTalk®, Facebook®, MySpace® and Jabber from your Palm.


Instant Messaging:

Connect to your MSN®, Yahoo!®, ICQ®, AIM®, GoogleTalk® and Facebook®, MySpace® buddy lists all at the same time and send and receive instant messages while out on the road.

Picture Messaging:

Snap pics on your mobile and share them with your friends by sending them to any of your MSN®, Yahoo®, ICQ®, AIM®, Facebook®, MySpace® and GoogleTalk® buddies.
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