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TweetMe - A Fun New Twitter App

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Application IDcom.catalystmediastudios.tweetme
AuthorCatalyst Media Studios
DescriptionIf you want a new, fun and powerful way to use Twitter, then try TweetMe today. View your home tweets, mentions, messages, lists, favorites and more in a unique and beautiful timeline view. View popular trends and topics on Twitter, and find out why they're popular. Tweet, reply, retweet, and share messages. View Twitter conversations and replies. Post photos and view pictures found in other people's tweets. Get notified when new mentions and messages arrive...and much more, all with an easy to use and exciting interface. Contact us at twe....app@gmail.com visit at www.tweetmeapp.com or follow us on Twitter @TweetMeWebOS. Coming later: Multiple account support, multiple search cards and more. Thanks for viewing Tweet Me for Palm webOS, we hope you love it -- This new version of TweetMe (1.0.4) includes faster tweet sending, fixes a major sign in bug, double-tap gesture area for the "Quick Bar", and support for emoticons when viewing a tweet.
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