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Application IDcom.deliciousmorsel.twee
AuthorDelicious Morsel LLC
DescriptionTwee is the premier Twitter client for the Palm WebOS platform. Enjoy a unique experience without sacrificing features. Get notifications whenever someone tweets, mentions you, or sends you a direct message. Tweet your location or just update your profile's location so that people nearby can see your tweets. Twee can even find tweets of people nearby to you. Find out why something is trending with built-in WhatTheTrend.com trending information. See what URL's people are tweeting about the most with Twitturly integration. Share any photo with Twee's Twitpic, YFrog, TweetPhoto and Img.ly integration. With Twee, synergy is possible. TweeFree, a lite and free version of Twee, is available in the AppCatalog. Update: Includes Lists, New Retweet, Themes and more...
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