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Application IDcom.zhephree.incrediblehd
DescriptionUPDATE: Now uses Twitter API v1.1

incredible! is Synergy for your social life. Consider it a social media aggregator. Add your favorite social networking accounts in and view a chronological stream of everything your friends are doing online, regardless of what network they're on!

incredible! is smart enough to determine when a post is a duplicate post from the same user, even if their username is different on each service, and consolodates them into one post in your stream. No more seeing your friend's foursquare check-in on foursquare, Facebook, AND Twitter!

incredible! also features posting Groups so you can send a status update to Twitter and Facebook at the same time, or upload a photo to Twitter, Facebook, & Flickr with one button press.

And to add some sanity to your busy stream, you can create Rules to color-code items based on account, service it's from, person who posted it, or the content! You can also decide to hide the item altogether (banish those Farmville posts!), or choose to run a special script that gives you unprecedented power over your social stream.

incredible! currently supports these social networks:
* Facebook
* Twitter
* foursquare
* Flickr

With TONS more support coming soon!
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