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SynerGV 1 - Google Voice(tm) for Phones

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Application IDcom.ericblade.googlevoiceapp
AuthorEric Blade
DescriptionATTENTION USERS: Google is discontinuing use of the Voice(tm) service by third party applications on or after May 15, 2014. This app will cease to function at some point after that date. If Google provides a public API to the Voice services after that point, this app will be updated to use that new API, but it is not clear at this time if that will happen.

*** Featured in the "SWEETHEART TIME" App Catalog Featured Apps, February 2012!! ***

1.2.2 adds some nice things for voicemail and recorded calls

Harness the power of the Google Voice service to send and receive SMS text messages, forward incoming and outgoing telephone calls to any telephone, control your Google Calendar, check your voicemail, and more:

- Forward calls through your Google Voice number
- Send and receive SMS text messages from your Google Voice number - including support for long messages exceeding 160 characters!
- Listen to voicemails right on your phone or tablet (webOS 2.0 required)
- Text-to-Speech for incoming text messages (webOS 2.2 required)
- Archive messages, mark as read or starred, block callers, delete conversations
- Search past text conversations
- Do-not-Disturb mode to force all calls to voicemail
- Automatic new message checking with pop-up notifications

Google Voice does NOT provide VOIP services - you can NOT make phone calls using with this app alone. However, it does work very well with a cell phone paired to the TouchPad to forward calls!

All Google Voice requirements apply- phone calls require an existing telephone device or Google Voice enabled device, such as Google Talk with Voice. If you do not have a Google Voice account, you must be in the U.S. to set it up.

Further information and sign up can be found at the Google Voice site at http://voice.google.com/ and at the GVoice site at http://ericbla.de/gvoice-webos

If you like GVoice, please write a review. If you don't, please click "Support" and let us know why :)
Version Notenew telephone dialer interface for Pre3/TP
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