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Easy Search Updated V1.1

Museum ID1001113
Application IDcom.yamgal.easysearch
AuthorEasy Search
DescriptionThis Is a simple application to help you search in multiple websites without having to type again and again your query.

With this app you can search it on Google, Yahoo or Bing, see it on Flickr, watch it on YouTube, review it on Wikipedia, compare prices on Shopping.com, read tweets about it on Twitter, get answers on Yahoo Answers, and discuss it on Webosnation Forums.
Hope You enjoy it.
Version NoteVersion 2.0.0 update:

Fixed the background for webos 2.1.
You can click enter instead of the search tab.
Added some colors for fun.

Version 1.1.0 update:
From when you change search engine you don't have to click on the search button. Instead when you select the search engine it automatically loads that web page.
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