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SynerGV 2 - Google Voice(tm) Messaging

Museum ID1000929
Application IDcom.ericblade.synergv
AuthorEric Blade
DescriptionSynerGV v2 integrates Google Voice(tm) SMS text messaging directly to your webOS Messaging application -- from the Messaging app, you can send and receive SMS Text messages, preview your incoming Voicemail transcriptions, see records of your incoming and outgoing calls, and even Archive your messages.

* Automatic sync with your Google Voice(tm) Inbox or Unread folders, with a configurable time delay (1min to 30min) to balance power usage with your needs
* Automatic notification of new messages via the normal Messaging app
* If enabled, swipe away a message in the Messaging app, and it will be archived on the Google server
* May be configured to automatically mark your messages "Read" on the Google server
* Provides quick links to return missed calls or listen to Voicemails
* Voicemail transcriptions will appear automatically within the Messaging app
* You can even receive messages from multiple Google Voice(tm) accounts!

The SynerGV 2 app adds even more functionality:

* Set Do-Not-Disturb status (setting ON will forward all your calls to Voicemail automatically without ringing any phones)
* Place calls using the Google Voice(tm) forwarding system - SynerGV does NOT give you the ability to make calls directly from your TouchPad - you still need a telephone to connect the calls with.
* Completely manage your messages - Archive, Trash, Delete, Star, Spam, Add Notes to Messages - it's all here.
* Misc Google Voice(tm) account management functions

If you do not have a Google Voice(tm) account, you must be within the United States to create one. All Google Voice(tm) terms and conditions of use apply. SynerGV is not directly affiliated with Google or Google Voice(tm). More information is available at the SynerGV website at http://www.ericbla.de/synergv/ and at the Google Voice(tm) website at http://www.google.com/voice/

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CopyrightCopyright 2013, Eric Blade