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Sparrow for Twitter

Museum ID1000368
Application IDcom.appstuh.sparrow
AuthorArthur Thornton
Description~~ Try the new sprw 2.0 beta in the App Catalog. Check out @sprwapp for more info! ~~

~~ Updates Sparrow to use Twitter API 1.1 ~~

Sparrow for Twitter is the premium Twitter client for the HP TouchPad.

- Works around a webOS 3.0.5 bug that decreased performance when the spinners are spinning
- Localized to German, French, and Italian
- You can now see the tweet you're replying to in the new tweet popup
- Geo-tagged tweets now show a map you can expand
- Enhancements to the push notification service
- Fixes the YouTube video player which was broken by YouTube
- You can choose if Sparrow should keep your position on refresh or jump to the top
- You can now customize the font size in Sparrow: Tiny, Small, Normal, Large, or Huge

Sparrow continues to offer unmatched features, unique to Sparrow on webOS:

- Push notifications
- The best in-app YouTube playback was developed specially for Sparrow
- Scrolling indicator to let you know what your position is
- Power swipe to allow you to jump to the top or bottom of the list, simply by swiping two fingers rather than a single finger

Sparrow also supports basic features available in nearly every Twitter client:

- Just type integration
- Image uploads to yFrog, TwitPic, and img.ly (more coming!)
- Support for geotagging tweets
- Conversation view for DMs - we organize messages between you and the user into one thread for easy management

If you find a bug or want to request a feature, tweet @sprwapp
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