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One Hundred Eighty (Enyo)

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Application IDde.bhurling.onehundredeightyenyo
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AuthorBjörn Hurling
Description** One Hundred Eighty is not a Dart Game. It's useful to keep track of dart scores on a real board. **

** Suggestions, Criticism or Feature Requests? Just mail us. We are happy to develop the best Dart Score Tracker for you. **

Track your dart scores. This App is for everyone who has a real cork dart board at home and is tired of mental math. Alternative Dart Score Tracker you can find in the market have inferior usability. It is annoying to have 62 Buttons and constantly searching for the right one to tap. It is much faster and more fun in One Hundred Eighty: Just tap on the right field on an image of a real dart board and the App does the rest.

- Start with 301, 501 or 701 Points
- Single Out, Double Out, Master Out
- Checkout Table, and hint how to finish
- Unlimited number of players
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CopyrightCopyright 2011, Björn Hurling