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Super Sounds Free

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Application IDcom.thepcrealm.supersoundsfree
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AuthorThe Pc Realm
DescriptionThe free version of Super Sounds is not available. This app contains everything that the paid version has only instead of having 13 frequencies, this app only has 4, and this app is also ad supported.

If you would like your ad on this app please contact support@thepcrealm.com


Welcome to Super Sounds, the only app you will ever need to high pitched sounds. This app will blast sounds of such high frequency, it will bug human and animals alike. What makes this app different than other similar apps? Well this app contains much more frequencies than the "others" and allows multiple frequencies to be played. You can mix sounds to make stronger sounds. Thanks for being a loyal customer, Check out other apps from me as I shall be coming out with more soon. Please note: Higher frequencies may not be able to be played on your devices speaker and may require better sound equipment to produce. Humans also cannot hear much above 20khz.
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