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Application IDcom.migrim.moviemind
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DescriptionWant to keep track of all of your movies? Ever see a good movie and forget the title? Ever hear about a good movie, but later forget it? Have a large library of movies you want to keep track of?

MovieMind does that for you. Enter movies and record the genre, movie rating, rank your movie, keep track of whether you own it or not and keep track of whether you have seen it or not. Once you have entered a title, you can even link to the web to read reviews or order a copy.

As you collect movies, you can sort by title, genre, rating or review. You can also select the movies by search for multiple ms, methods. The app comes with standard genre, but if you want to add more, just go to the Help menu and add your own.
Version NoteModified to make applicable for all WebOS versions.
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