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AuthorVirtue Studio
DescriptionDo you fall sleep during the meetings at work?
Do you feel bored during seminars or conferences?
Here is an effective method to combat this.
Anytime that you hear the speaker saying some word that you have, you mark. When the first or second column is filled, you make a bingo.
a. "It changed my perspective of meetings."
b. "My ability to listen has increased a lot since I started playing the Bingo Business";
c. "The atmosphere of the last meeting of direction was very tense because 14 people were on
waiting to fill the 5th house;
d. "The CEO was surprised to hear eight people shouting" BINGO ", the 3rd time in an hour";
e. "Now, I go to every meeting of my organization, even if they do not enlist!";
f. "My boss thought I was taking the data at the end of the meeting and just congratulated me !!!";
g. "I was so engrossed that he did not sleep at any time."
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