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AuthorHobbyist Software
DescriptionVLC Remote does _not_ work with VLC 2.00

Unfortunately given that Web OS seems to be dying - it doesn't make sense for us to update our Web OS apps.

You can continue to use VLC Remote with older versions of VLC if you choose.

We do hope that HP will find a compelling story for Web OS and we'll be encouraged back, but that isn't looking likely at the moment.


Control VLC on your PC or Mac directly from your Pre or Pixi Plus.

This is a free version of the VLC Remote application.
It lets you use all the basic controls such as volume, position, play/pause and track skipping

It also demonstrates the additional features of the full version such as the ability to browse through your entire computer and play movies, music or playlists and the ability to view and manage your playlist.

Simple setup - Run the VLC Setup Helper on your computer, tap 'Autopair' on the remote and follow the instructions.

Compatible with Windows XP, Vista & Windows 7, Mac OS 10.5+.
Requires Wifi - to connect.
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