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Titan Stopwatch

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Application IDcom.lieblsoftware.titanstopwatch
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AuthorLIEBL Software
Description*UPDATE: This is a rapid release. Added the option to enable 'Screen Always on' since so many requested it.* Some people may already know this Application from 'precentral'. It's an easy to use and powerful Stopwatch. The controls are specially arranged that you shouldn't hit a button by accident that easily. You are able to have the last lap in first row by hitting the 'Sort' Button. The following infos are available: Total Time, Lap Time, Best Lap and the difference between the last and the current lap. You are able to save trainings and e-mail them. Also this App features vibration feedback and an integreated countdown timer, which will alert you even if the App is closed. Compatible with the Pre and Pixi. And it is for free!
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Home Pagehttp://j-liebl.de
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