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Shaolin Martial Arts and Meditation

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DescriptionNext Video with next step of Shaolin long Fist form.

***V2.1.0 In-Application innovative media player letting you tag the video as you wish, created auto or manual loop for best learning eperience. The Shaolin Long Fist form include tags to guide you step by step in your practice***
The "Shaolin Martial arts and Meditation" application is the unique source of knowledge to learn the Martial Arts of Shaolin.
It contains exclusive information about famous martial arts such as Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Sanda and introduce less known traditional techniques such as Praying Mantis boxing, Bagua Palm, Wingchu, Chi Gong and more.
The application is filled with picts and details of special postures and techniques from powerful Chinese martial Arts and performed by famous Masters. Dedicated media player with auto-loop/manual loop options, giving full control of playing mode (you can actually set the tagd yourselved.) Video include :
- Streching move
- Meditation practice
- Shaolin kung fu forms, with majot mouvements being breakdown
New video included regularly !
This application is for those willing to learn more about the traditional martial arts of Shaolin. Enter Shaolins' Realm !

v.2.1.3: minor update with sharing features
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