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Pocket Piano

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Application IDcom.betterday.pocketpiano
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AuthorBetter Day Wireless
DescriptionNow you can carry a piano with you everywhere you go!

Pocket Piano has the rich sound and versatility of a real piano. Notes
range from C3 to C6 including sharps and flats giving you three full
octaves to play your favorite tunes.

-Each note is sampled independently and recorded from a real grand piano
ensuring that every key is in tune, high quality DVD and CD grade audio,
and has a realistic piano sound.
-Easy Scrolling system allows you to quickly and easily scroll one key or
a full octave with the tap of a finger.
- Tap keys to play notes, or drag your finger across the keyboard to hear
multiple notes played rapidly.
- Optional note labels allow you to see the note and octave for every key
to help beginners.

Play your favorite songs or duets with other friends who have Pocket Piano.

Try Pocket Piano today!
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