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Pixelism Free

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Application IDcom.phantomhat.pixelismfree
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AuthorPhantom Hat
DescriptionThis is the free trial version of Pixelism. Look for the full version to resize the canvas and load in images from your other apps!

Pixelism is a image drawing and editing app that lets you draw images using multi-colored and multi-shaped "pixels". Create your own masterpieces from a blank canvas or load one of your existing images to add a touch of pixel flair! Save your images to your device storage to easily share them with others.

* Choose from millions of colors
* 9 different stencil shapes

Full Version Features:
* Create canvases of any size
* Save your images to USB storage
* Load images from any other app/source
Version NoteNew in version 2.0:
- The separate stencils and colors have been replaced with Brushes, which can have foreground AND background colors and can be rotated in various directions
- New brush shapes: Star, Man, and Woman
- (FULL VERSION ONLY) New Cropping dialog for loading only part of an image and/or changing the resulting size of the image
Device Support
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Home Pagehttp://www.phantomhat.com/
Support URLhttp://www.phantomhat.com/pixelism/
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