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KalemSoft Video Player for Pixi and Veer

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Application IDcom.kalemsoft.ksvplayer
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Description* Update: Added audio playback support and compatibility with the latest streamer.
KalemSoft Video Player is the first powerful native media player application for WebOS that can play media formats such as wmv (non-copy protected), mp4, divx, xvid, avi, flv, mp3, wma, flac, ogg and many more.

It can play media stored locally on the device or stored on a remote PC. It can even play live content streamed from a webcam or any other DirectShow compatible video device attached to a remote computer.

In order to play remote content, a free simple to setup streaming server application, KalemSoft Media Streamer,
MUST BE SEPARATELY DOWNLOADED from KalemSoft website, www.kalemsoft.com/site/downloads2.html,
and installed on a remote PC. The content is streamed from the remote PC to the device directly in a secure way without no relay server in the middle.

KalemSoft Video Player has the following features: support for all common media codecs, favorites list, playback in landscape and portrait modes, ability to change aspect ratio on the fly, recording of streamed content on the device, progressive download mode, secure connection to the streaming server and many more.
Version NoteFrom the Curator: this version is newer than what's in Preware, and is still supported by the developer for Pixi and Veer. Although its not free, the price is reasonable, and it remains the best video player for webOS.
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