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Museum ID1005768
Application IDcom.palm.wosa.proxysetter
AuthorJon Wise
DescriptionRevisionist History Note - This is a brand new (2020) app, based on VerusOra's Proxy Set Basic. The purpose of this build is to make it easy to use the webOS Archive Proxy service -- although the app can be used with any proxy. It includes defaults, and a utility for downloading the Certificate for the proxy (although you have to manually add and accept the cert, since I couldn't figure out how to fully automate it.) Although the app will run on other devices, only webOS 2.2.4 and above support the proxy capability, limiting this app to Pre3 and TouchPad.
Version NotewebOS Archive Proxy allows Touchpad and Pre3 users to route Internet traffic through a SSL-Bump Proxy, stripping modern encryption so that webOS can access Internet applications and content. Supports proxies that require basic authentication
-Version 1.1.4 adds support for Pre3.
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LicenseMIT License
Copyright2020, webOS Archive