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AccuWeather Premium (Patched)

Museum ID1005758
Application IDcom.accuweather.palm.purchased
AuthorAccuWeather, Inc.
DescriptionCurator's Note - As of Dec 25, 2020 this app is up and running again. Radar views don't work, but weather data is showing up in most of the world. Plans are underway to provide a replacement back-end if we ever lose service again, but for now, most users are reporting that this app works!
Version NoteStay up to date on weather conditions wherever you travel with AccuWeather Premium. Get the latest conditions and AccuWeather.com forecasts. Pan, zoom and animate radar or satellite imagery. Be alerted to severe weather warnings issued for your location (U.S. only). Or see how the weather will affect your health and daily activities with the lifestyle forecasts. With global coverage, it’s a weather center at your fingertips!
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